Friday, 29 September 2017

Hello and Supergirl story

Hi everyone,

I'm still alive, just had a hectic last couple of years. I haven't been writing and am now getting back into the swing of things. I've done up a fanfic story for Supergirl and it's link is below. I'm currently re-reading my first books to reengage with the characters and finish off book 6.

Hope everyone is well and you enjoy this story.


Thursday, 18 December 2014

another apology

Evening all

Thanks to those of you wondering if Book 6 is still being written or if I've scrapped the idea. Truthfully, I haven't written a word since the last post which was in around March, I think.

But that doesn't mean I've given up on continuing the story, it just means I've been lazy and blaming real life and work for not having time to write!!

Our son was 21 years old in May and in November he got married. I went from working 19 hours per week to full time and we now have 3 very beautiful and adventurous/watchable  cats. Pokémon X&Y, Pokebank and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire were released and we've been watching the Pokémon TV series each night. Yes it is a kids show but I love watching the Pokemon interact and the little side adventures they have. We're now up to season 4 of 15!! I have been finishing the Pokémon games (we have a dozen X/Y games plus 4 of the new ones) main stories in well under 20 hours each with more time for the side adventures!

My partner, Bec, has accepted the idea she's losing her sight and is currently getting some help with learning how to orientate around home and the local community. She's now even thinking of taking her new long cane to work because she's tired of refusing to walk to the local shop for a coffee with her teammates because she was not confident crossing the busy roads. Well, that's about to change!! I've been working with her to learn to touch type because she can't see the keyboard to hunt and peck anymore! She is extremely brave and I'm totally proud of her for taking control of her life.

I'm posting some pictures to the blogsite because I live in a gorgeous part of the world and the beach is a 10 minute drive from my workplace. Personally, I don't go in the water because of a childhood JAWS trauma but I do appreciate the spectacular view the ocean provides.

Thank you for reading my stories and letting me know how much you enjoy spending your valuable time with my characters.

Christmas is quickly coming and I hope you all have a fantastic, loving, caring and giving festive season. My plan for Christmas is to spend some time working on Book 6 and honestly, I think I'm ready to buckle down and do some great work.

All the best for Christmas and New Year!!


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I'm so sorry for those waiting for the next instalment!!  I am trying to get back into the swing of writing daily again but it's hard work at the moment. What I can do is put up some small parts of book6. The bits are brief and in no particular order and I'm only posting the parts that make some sort of sense without the rest of the story.

I hope you enjoy!!


Tarra reached down and scratched Blaze's (her red coloured stallion) neck and softly told him what a good a boy he was. She grinned as he picked up his feet slightly higher and pranced contentedly.  She looked to where her sister was riding Rusty beside her and grinned happily at the woman.

Chandral responded in kind and the grin never left the women's faces as they rode their steeds into the outskirts of Gardenya. The twin Queens nodded and waved back to the many citizens who yelled greetings to them. "The place is looking lovely." Chandral commented lazily.

Tarra looked around at the green of the trees and grass and the many animals in the yards of the homes. "Yeah, the dragons have done great work spreading the Mother's blessing." The women found it hard to believe the flourishing town had been settled only months ago. The ugly scars on the ground from the town move were gone and the whole area looked like it had been there for years.

"I've been hearing the people love their new homes and all seem to be trying hard to put the past behind them." Chandral smiled as she returned the waves of several older women talking to each other over their fence line.

The sisters went silent as their mounts picked up their pace, keen to return to their pampered home. The Queens smiled as the palace came into view and they spotted their wives directing people carrying boxes of stores for the kitchen.

As the stallions entered the gates to the palace grounds, several stable hands quickly swarmed them. The boys smiled at the Queens as they dismounted and handed the reins of the mounts to them. "Lovely day for a ride, Majesty." One of the hands commented.

"That it is Midral! Have you two had your lunch?" Chandral asked him.

"Yes Majesty… We didn't forget."

"Good, see that you don't." Chandral patted the boy on the back and smiled gently at him.

Midral looked up in adoration at his favourite Queen. He had been dying when Chandral found him. His family had abandoned him in the dingy little hovel they'd called home.  Midral's favourite Queen had taken him under her wing and personally saw to his recovery. She had set him up as a stable hand (he loved the majestic animals and couldn't imagine doing anything else) for her favourite horse. The Queen didn't mind that he was blind and had spent too many hours for him to count ensuring he knew the stable area well enough to his way around without a guide. She'd even given him a staff to use when he had to go into unfamiliar areas.

"Don't let Rusty con you, he's had half a dozen wild apples and they both raided a wild bed of carrots." Chandral laughed as she dobbed on her prized mount.

Midral laughed with the woman as he patted Rusty's neck "Thanks for telling me, he likes to think he can pull the wool over my eyes." He burst into a wild laugh at his joke and Chandral snorted at him.

Tarra shook her head at the laughing pair and handed Blaze's reigns to his carer. She signed to the boy what Midral had said then added "Don’t you start with the bad jokes or I'll tell Polara you want to help with the compost heap!"

The boy (Neord) smiled and grinned widely as he signed "No Majesty! My fingers are banned from telling bad jokes!"

Tarra frowned and sneered at Neord as he hurried away with Blaze beside him. Midral wasn't far behind with Rusty. "Those two are getting worse!" Tarra huffed to her sister.

Chandral chuckled and watched as Neord stopped Midral, by placing a hand on the blind boy's arm, and proceeded to sign under Midral's hands. Midral laughed wildly as he reversed his hands and replied to Neord. Chandral laughed as the boys burst into more giggles before they continued onto the stables. She shook her head then turned to her sister. "I never thought I'd see blind and deaf boys conversing, let alone sharing bad jokes with each other!"

Tarra smiled as she too watched the boys disappear into the stables. "Yeah, the Brownies language of signs is brilliant."

The twins were distracted by their wives voices as they carried on the wind. The blonde Queens were happily joking with the kitchen and garden staff. The sisters fell into step shoulder to shoulder as they made their way toward the women they adored.

Lili was talking to Polara and several other women as she unconsciously raised her and Tashan's joined hands and kissed the back of her wife's fingers.

Tashan finished her conversation with the garden supervisor and lovingly caressed Lili's arm. Tashan's smile broadened as she spotted her twin wives heading toward her and she waved at the dark haired beauties.

Tarra and Chandral stood behind the blonde women and hugged into their backs, earning them a quick kiss each from their wives.

Polara smiled at the Georstrie Queens and continued talking "If those dragons of yours keep this up we won't be able to move for food!" She snorted contentedly and continued. "I never thought I'd be complaining of having too much food to store and eat!!"

Lili laughed and put her hand on her friend's arm. "Me either. Don't worry, we'll work something out. I don't want any of this going to waste."

Polara chuckled and nodded to the Queens "I have no doubt you lot will come up with a brilliant solution." She smiled then left to finish supervising the transfer.

"Are you two finished?" Tarra said into Lili's ear, causing the short blonde to break into a shiver and goose bumps to erupt on her arms.

"Yes..." Lili sighed.

"Good." Chandral muttered into Tashan's ear. "Because Tarra's been thinking of very naughty things all the way back and I'm ready to go home… now." She gently nibbled on her wife's ear lobe.

Tashan turned to face Chandral and sensuously kissed the taller woman. She then looked at Tarra and Lili and whispered "You heard the woman, home now!"

Polara chuckled and shook her head as she watched the Queens cuddle into each other then vanish into thin air. "Those four put out enough sexual tension to make a freaking rock horny." She grinned and shyly looked around to see if anyone had heard her.  She sighed with relief as she realised she was alone. "And I ain't a rock nor am I dead." She quickly shuffled off to find Mahoneus and hoped he was free for some afternoon delight.


The Guardians smiled at each other as they walked toward their steeds and greeted them. It was the first time they'd taken the mounts belonging to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse for a long ride and the women weren't regretting the decision. The stallions had finally recuperated from their long imprisonment and were stunningly healthy after their long rest. Even the pale horse of Death seemed quite chipper and eager to get going.

Before initially using the mounts, the Guardians had consulted with Dianna and were pleased to hear that when the Horsemen weren't on a mission, their specialities wouldn't be released by riding their designated horses. Chandral and Lili had been the most relieved, they really didn't want to be causing needless deaths and famine as they rode around the countryside.

The Queens rode to the front of the small gathering of wagons and mounted soldiers where Ranna, Deltan, Geon and Chuckie waited for them.

"Majesties." Deltan greeted the Queens. "Beautiful morning to be leaving. We should be able to make good time."

Tarra nodded as she looked around the sky at the breaking dawn. "Yes we should. Let's move them out." She and Chandral pushed ahead, side by side with their wives and family members following close behind.

Officers bellowed orders and listened as they were passed down the line by the unit sergeants. The leaders then trotted their mounts after the Queens.

Just outside Castletown, the main body of the small army waited for their leaders. As the Queens and the officers passed by the soldiers saluted and waited for their turn to join the group.

The next day, the five hundred strong force plodded along quite nicely until they hit sections of the forest that were low lying and prone to being water logged. The wagons were sucked into the muck and quite eagerly became bogged.

After the second delay in as many hours, Lili pulled a map of the country from her pack and studied it before dismounting and sitting (lotus style) on the road that was nothing much better than a goat trail. The blonde put the map on the ground in front of her, placed her hands on the path beside her legs and closed her eyes.

Chuckie moved closer to the Gardenyan Queen and whispered commentary for his viewers. "I'm not sure what Queen Lili is up to ….. Holy Mother!" Chuckie jumped on the spot as the ground moved under his feet. "People, this is amazing!! The road is turning from a sloppy, muddy quagmire to tightly packed small rocks… almost like a road that's been heavily used for hundreds of years but even harder!"

The soldiers looked at each other with amazed looks on their faces before turning to watch the woman sitting on the path.

As the new gravel road pushed its way to the surface, it forced the wheels of the bogged wagon to rise with it. The spectators continued to watch in awe as the new road widened to around four wagons in width then disappeared over the horizon, in both directions. 

Lili didn't move and her eyes periodically opened to check the map.

Tashan signalled for the troops to have a rest break and lunch while they waited for Lili to finish.

Ranna took her bag from her back and quickly handed out wraps, fruit and drinks to her wives and daughters. The women stood and talked quietly as they ate.

After around an hour, Lili stood, replaced her map into her pack and wolfed down the food Ranna handed to her. Lili nodded her thanks to the people around her as she finished eating before explaining what she'd been doing. "As you can see with what I've done here, this road is now gravel. I've done the same for the roads connecting all Atlantis's Castletowns. It'll allow Atlantians to travel between cities year round. I connected Gardenya and Irasia on the eastern side of the mountains as well as the western. I had to use animal trails for a lot of the roadwork so please share the road amiably with any wildlife using it. I've told the animals the road is a 'safe zone' for them and us. That is we don't kill the animals on the road and they won't kill us either." Lili looked at Chuckie and smiled. "Unfortunately, I can't maintain the roads… So when you're using them and you see a pothole, please fill it up."

The soldiers cheered and mounted up with renewed vigour as the army and law enforcement leaders made mental notes to have their men run regular maintenance patrols along Atlantis' impressive thoroughfares.

Meanwhile, the petite Queen was eagerly rewarded by her wives and Lili didn't even bother to pretend she wasn't enjoying the attention of her fellow Queens.

The Queens put two double swags next to each other and snuggled into their partners. All was quiet for a quarter of an hour before a soft voice whispered in Lili's ear "Did you make the deal?"

Lili smirked as she muttered "Which deal, sweetheart?"

Tarra rolled her eyes as she growled "You know very well which deal I mean!"

Lili tried to hide her smile but failed miserably. "Yes Love, all insects including those who shall remain nameless agreed to stay out of our camp. We have to leave the usual compensatory payment when we leave in the morning."

Chandral's sigh of relief was even louder than Tarra's and the twins finally relaxed. They didn't have to read each other's mind to know they both loved being married to someone who could keep spiders at a distance.

Three of the team fell asleep wrapped around each other as they watched the gently flickering artificial stars in the night sky. Tarra waited until the others were asleep then rolled onto her side and pulled her PACS from her bag. She dimmed the background light as low as possible then opened a journal Hunter had scanned for her - the journal of dead King Sarl's grandfather (King Sarl I).

Today I know what fear feels like… my son was born this morning and the sight of that tiny little man in the arms of my wife made my heart melt. I fear I will fail to protect and care for him and he will die before he knows what it's like to live to be a man, a father and a king.

Today I know what unconditional love feels like… my boy grabbed onto my finger and wouldn't let go, it was if he knew I am his father and I will love him my entire life.

Today I know what it feels like to have your heart ripped out of your chest… my wife lived to see our son then died with him in her arms… a contented smile plastered on her face for eternity… the healers tell me she was bleeding inside and they couldn't stop it… I fear my heart is bleeding and will never stop.

Tarra's eyes widened as she read the heartbreaking pages then slightly turned to check on her family. She could imagine her heart eternally bleeding if anything happened to her loved ones. She shook her head in confusion at what she was reading, how could this man be the bastard who started kidnapping and torturing Elementals and Mystics? Tarra took a breath and focused her attention back to the journal.

My son is seven days old and thriving thanks to his wet-nurse. She is a maid who gave birth several days before the Prince was born and I hate that she lived while my beloved Queen did not.

My Queen was buried today, thousands turned up to mourn her… I wanted to scream at them and tell them to leave us grieve in peace! But I did my duty and thanked them for their sympathy and best wishes for our son… the burden of my responsibilities as King has never weighed so heavily around my neck as it has this past week… I regularly dream of stealing away in the cover of night, with my son in my arms, never to return to this palace that now feels like my prison.

But I am duty bound and I stay. I bury my resentment and longing deep within what's left of my haemorrhaging heart and stay.

Tarra flicked through the next dozen or so pages, the entries were short and becoming increasingly bitter. The entries grew less frequent, as if Sarl I had stopped writing daily and years had passed within a few scant pages.

Today is Prince Sarl's second birthday. My court had a party for the boy and he laughed and played happily all day. He constantly reminds me of his mother. His laugh, eyes and even the way he looks at me rips at my soul each and every day.

It may have been torture for me, seeing my Queen in him, but I pushed myself to feel his happiness and energy. I'm finding it harder and harder to do, but as usual, it is my duty therefore I force myself to smile and laugh...


Prince Sarl is five years old today… My Queen is still dead and so is my heart.

It may be the boy's day but I gave myself a present… I drove my favourite dagger into the wet-nurse who had fed my boy… I pried open her ribs and ripped out her heart… how dare it still beat while my Beloved's is forever still?

Strangely, ending her life has made me feel alive for the first time in five long, miserable years.


 I had a dream… a vile looking man came to me and offered to make me and Prince Sarl immortal… He says if I please and make sacrifices to him, he will work on bringing my Queen back to life… How I long to hold her in my arms, to kiss her and have her tell me this has been a nightmare, that she never died and left me alone.

I do not trust this beast but I cannot risk he is telling the truth.

He demands a dozen of my citizens for him to feed on. I do not understand why he wants to do that, but he will have the prisoners in my dungeons. I never want to see my son die and these people mean nothing to me.


The Master is getting more demanding, now he wants a dozen citizens a month… He will get the people because of the information he gave me!! He told me about beings called Elementals and Mystics and even showed me how to see them when they hide in human form. These beings are my ticket to immortality and being with my Queen again!


I did it!! I caught an Elemental being… it was easier than I thought it'd be because she never suspected a thing. Prince Sarl was the bait and she eagerly came to comfort the crying child and his endearingly incompetent father.

The Master told me the truth about how to catch these beings… cutting off their connection to the Earth is easier than it sounds… I'm building dungeons to store them in and won't stop my efforts to catch every last one of them!! My sorcerers have been studying the texts the Master directed me to and they are becoming more powerful daily.

The Elemental says her name is Faith but refuses to tell me more. I demand to know where the rest of her people are and she stares at me defiantly… I will not fail finding more of them!!! No matter what the cost to her!


Faith is still not talking. She is a resilient beast of a woman! No matter what new form of torture I develop just for her, she still refuses to sell out her family and friends.

The Master has given me the directions on how to track down the beings, I have no more use for Faith but I find it invigorating to inflict pain on her. Unfortunately for her, she will live for many years and will regret not assisting me when she had the chance.

My sorcerers have finished the spell needed to track the Elementals and Mystics! On the dawning of this next day, I will have the means to imprison all of them!! None will escape me now…


My Master is demanding a dozen 'snacks' be delivered to him each week. He even hinted that children are better for him, not the 'past the use-by date' geriatrics I've been sending him. He begins to ask too much.


My Master has done it again!! He gave me a book on how to manufacture magical doors to transport me hundreds of miles away in the blink of an eye!!

The book cost me 100 'snacks' but was worth every drop of their blood.


I bargained for another book of instructions for magic - 300 slaves was the cost. I now have access to  the magical power to create anything I need and I intend to use it regularly!!


I fear the Master has lied to me… he will not make my son and I immortal, I realise that now. I believe I need to break ties with this unnatural beast but how to do so still eludes me at this time… Unless I can somehow put him in one of the dungeons!!


It worked!! I imprisoned the Master!! I promised him some baby sized snacks, lured him into a dungeon and my sorcerers put a spell on his room to keep him locked up. I found out there are eleven more like him… I'm having their dungeons built as I sit here writing.

The bastard lied to me about making me immortal - but the sorcerers are working on finding a way to do it for me.


The sorcerers say they are close to finding my ticket to a very long life. It's about bloody time. Prince Sarl is twenty years old tomorrow and is now better than me at torturing the beasts…

I have developed a library that catalogues the different species of Elementals and Mystics. Mostly it's hard to find out what exactly they can do but they will eventually tell or show me. It feels good to have a common interest with my boy.


This is it!! The immortality spell is finally ready!! I try it in the morning and when it works, my boy will soon follow. Long Live King Sarl!!!


My father is dead and so are the useless sorcerers he trusted with his life. The morons reversed the spell so he aged so fast he turned to dust in less than five minutes. My father is now dust on the wind and reunited with my mother after all these years.


"Tarra?" Tashan whispered in the predawn light.

Tarra looked up from her PACS, turned it off and placed it on the ground as she smiled at her wife. "Morning. Sleep well?"

Tashan returned the smile and nodded "Not bad at all. Did you get any sleep?"

Tarra leaned over Lili's unconscious body and tenderly kissed Tashan's lips. "Nah, read original Sarl's diary… I wasn't tired."

"Find anything interesting?" Tashan enquired as she ran her cheek along Tarra's, closed her eyes and softly moaned at the ping of arousal that always surfaced when she touched her wife. "Holy Mother Tarra! If we were alone you'd be in trouble now!!"

Tarra felt a shiver tingle down her spine as she tried to contain her body's response to the blonde's sigh. "If we hadn't all agreed not to use travel magic, we'd be in the Genie Hall by now." Tarra pulled back from Tashan and kissed the tip of the blonde's nose. "I love you but you'd better not tempt me too much now." The two Queens took several deep breaths and Tarra shook her body before answering Tashan's original question. "Original Sarl actually sounds like he was a nice sorta person until his wife died. Each year after her death he seemed to go deeper and deeper into what sounds like grief induced madness."

Tashan swallowed as she reigned in her racing hormones and nodded to her wife. "Well, I can understand how losing his wife drove him mad…" Tashan stared into Tarra's eyes, silently conveying the same would probably happen to her if she ever lost one of her loved ones.

Tarra returned Tashan's gaze and the meaning behind it. "The Master we offed first got to Sarl and used the madness to manipulate him. The vamp used immortality and the magic instruction books as a lure to make Sarl supply him with victims."

"So, basically, he was the one that started this bloody mess?"


"I'm so glad we got to kill him first then." Tashan pushed Tarra onto her back then raised herself up and over Lili in order to position herself on top of Tarra's chest.

Lili mumbled in her sleep then rolled to Chandral and quickly wormed her way into the taller woman's space (and warmth).

"Yep." Tarra agreed as she smiled at how easily the blonde Queens had traded places. She used her legs and shoulders to wriggle herself closer to the other couple and back under the covers.

Tashan smiled as the movement under her caused wonderfully erotic sensations between her and Tarra's bodies. She sighed contentedly as she closed her eyes and let the rise and fall of Tarra's breathing relax her. "I'm so glad we're wearing our suits… I'd really hate to have to get up now to go pee…"


"Not going to talk much today?" Tashan gently kissed the dark haired Queen's cheek and neck.

"Nope." Tarra raised her chin to give Tashan greater access to her neck.

Tashan nodded into Tarra's neck "No worries, I'll get the Captains to take over as much as possible."

Tarra pulled away from Tashan so she could look into the blonde's liquid green eyes. "You will?" she asked, hesitantly.

Tashan nodded then looked around at the sudden change in scenery. She raised her eyebrows questioningly at Tarra.

Tarra stared into Tashan's eyes and whispered "You accept that sometimes I just don't feel like talking… thank you." Tarra rolled so Tashan was under her and kissed the Gardenyan senseless.

Tarra adeptly undressed her wife and threw the clothing on the floor of their bedroom in the Genie Great Hall. Tarra grinned feraly as she chuckled… Some rules just begged to be broken.


Friday, 28 February 2014


Good evening everyone,

I am so sorry it's been so long since my last update, I've been really slack and cannot believe it was September last year when I last commented here!!

Our visit with our son was fantastic!! The cats (the kids have 2) didn't get on real well until the day we left for home but that's pretty much typical isn't it???

We love little Mac so much, we had to get her a friend.... we hunted around the local shelters and couldn't find anyone suit. Bec was checking out the websites for the pound and shelters and found a grey and white tabby she liked. It took quite a while to track her down but she is now a very settled girl in her new home. Luna is her name and she is older than Mac but still acts like a kitten. We think she was belted up quite a bit (she was one of 30 cats found locked in a warehouse) and may have some brain damage but she is very loving and enjoys heaps of cuddles.

We went caravanning at Christmas time and learnt so much it still gives me a headache to think about it! Who knew baby powder will keep ants out of stuff?? I put it around the dogs food bowls and had to laugh at the ants trying to shake the powder off their tiny little feet!! So much better than having to kill them, that's for sure.

We took the girls (cats) and boys (dogs) with us caravanning and they all seemed to enjoy the time away. I know we did! I toughened up and was pulled by a speedboat whilst on a biscuit (rubber tube shaped like a huge donut).... I didn't fall off but think that only happened because my brother-in-law took pity on me and drove slowly!!

Bob (son) and Beth (fiancé) stayed with us for New Year and we had a lovely time with our family.

Since then, Bec and I bought 2 fishing kayaks and have been out on nearby rivers several times. We later found out there are bull sharks in the water around here, so we're checking out the nearest dams and only going there to 'yak' (I'm trying to get the lingo right!!) and fish.

We love checking out garage sales, even though we have enough stuff to furnish another home!! On one particular Saturday expedition, we were finding useful and cheap stuff (eg aluminium portable pergola to take vanning next time) and Bec saw this tiny kitten in the yard of the owner. The kitten was charcoal grey, playing with a very large dog and chasing bugs. Bec drooled and was keen to take the owner up on holding the cat. The owner then informed us they were moving and didn't want to take the kitten with them.... short story, we now have 3 cats!! We didn't name Luna but the name suited the Harry Potter theme for our girls so we kept it and even named the new kitten Molly, after Mrs Weasley.

Last weekend we went to Brisbane to see Dolly Parton in concert.... Dolly may be 68 but she is still a pocket dynamo and is a wonderful entertainer. I hate crowds, loud noise, flashing lights and driving in Brisbane but I loved the show and would happily do it again. Love you DOLLY!!!

Last year we completed our Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety and earlier this month I let Bec talk me into doing another course!!! So we're now attempting a Diploma of Management with TAFE NSW. Yes, we have to travel to NSW again as Queensland TAFE aren't running anything we want to do.

In regard to Book 6, well, there's nothing to report as I have been totally slack and not been writing much at all. I will start writing again, but this book will be a lot slower than the others.

Please feel free to email me if you have any requests for situations to put the Queens into and any recommendations you have for character development. Yes Chris, I intend to spend some more time with the male characters this book!! :-)  :-)

All the best to you and your families


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Updated Blog Page

good morning all

I've added a few pages to the blog site, one for reviews (only the older ones so far) and another for facts about the characters. Please let me know if you would prefer less or more tabs for different pages.

I'm still working on Book 6 but it's still slow going. I'm trying to finish assignments due for the course I'm finishing this year and my two paid  jobs are taking up a lot of my time, unfortunately. However, I do enjoy my work. Speaking of work, in one role I earn a minimum of $100 per hour. So, as it takes over a month to write a book and if I allow 6 hours per day for 30 days it should cost $18,000 per book!!! Wow!! It's just as well I love writing and see it as a hobby... I know I wouldn't pay $18 for a book...

We now have a gorgeous little grey tabby cat... she has become fiercely independent and when she's awake she has so much energy she'd out do that Energiser Bunny very easily. McGonagall (she looks like Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter) is so cute I can't help but play with her when I should be writing...

I finally have been able to register my Yamaha 250 Virago motorbike and am enjoying riding the 25kms each way to work several days per week... I love my YamaHarley!!

We're going to visit our son Bob and his fiancé  in just over a month, they live around 6 hours drive away. I'm really excited because they just moved into a house and this will be the first time we've visited them there!! It's hard to believe my baby boy is 20 years old and now in his second year of University!!

Well, Bec's not home at the moment so I'm going to do some work on Book 6.

Have a great weekend


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hello September 2013

good afternoon all

Well, September slipped around the corner very quickly, didn't it? It's hard to believe there are only 4 full months left in 2013!!

Well, to update you on where I am with book 6, it isn't much further than the last blog. I have been working 2 jobs (I had to give up the 3rd) plus continue to study a Certificate 4 in Work Health and Safety with TAFE.

I am determined to keep writing and have some nasty surprises heading for the girls!!

I've put a new tab on the main page of this blog for the trivia facts about the characters. If you have any questions on how things came about in the story please don't hesitate to ask and I'll do my best to answer you.


Friday, 5 April 2013

book 5 is AVAILABLE NOW!!

Good morning all

Yes, book 5 is now available and on the Book 5 Tab, the first twenty or so pages are there for you to have a tasty little sample...

Sorry it took longer than I thought, real life stepped in and I've been pretty busy.

As for those who have been asking me about book 6, no, it is nowhere near properly started!! I do have around 1 page done but that's it!! I do promise to work on it now book 5 is up and running...

I do enjoy reading your comments, so please keep them coming and I am trying to reply to everyone who does email me, so please be patient or put URGENT in the subject field.

I am open to suggestions for a scenario or plot you would like to see so please send any recommendations you may have.

I hope you had a lovely Easter